What We Do

Ready to stand out?  We won’t let you get lost in the land of the average advertiser.

Need to accomplish more?  Our expert team helps you get more exposure and make your ad dollars go further than ever before using traditional and digital media.  We even have some unique options that you won’t find anywhere else!

We offer strategic consulting to help your brand find its true voice and make authentic and memorable connections with customers.    We’ll help you communicate more powerfully and connect more genuinely with your audiences to get results in today’s cluttered, competitive landscape.

We create synergy across every marketing channel appropriate for your goals with consistent and direct messaging.  From your website to social presence, from online display, email and texting, from radio to television, outdoor to print, we deliver.

Creative:  Regardless of the media used, creative is our priority.  We craft messages that persuade.   It’s great to have entertaining advertisements, but our goal is to craft effective ones that build your brand and deliver more customers, making them brand loyalists and ambassadors.  Let’s find out who you really are and strike the right chord with your audiences to bring them to you.  We even provide vanity phone numbers as an option to give you an unforgettable advantage.

Strategic Planning:  Before anything happens, we make sure we understand where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go before we develop a plan on how to get there.  We’ll spend time identifying your brand objectives and devise a path on how to get where you want to go by crafting the perfect message and delivering it by using the right media. We make sure there is synergy across all channels that all tie into your company core values because we know that’s what works.

Media Placement:  Research, negotiation and placement.  Our media plans will make your ad dollars go further – reaching more people in all the right places at all the right times.  Our focus is on reach and frequency, not the best deal on unsold inventory, we procure what you need, we don’t try to sell you what makes us a bigger sales commission like many media vendors are lured into doing by their management.   We build respected relationships with media vendors who know that we know our business.

Digital:  You need to be where your customers are  – which is everywhere, but especially online and on mobile devices.  We provide websites that convert, social, SEO, SEM/Adwords, email, online display, retargeting, geofencing, texting, video and more.  Does your website have a 24/7 live responding chatbox?  We can add one this week.

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eventbrite –  what else?  Social media is more than a post here and there.  It’s an advertising medium, it’s a platform, it’s a public forum for your customers and prospects and it needs to be treated as the priority it has become to your customers.   We can develop the right level of activity and ensure that posts are well engaged.  We can help your business be social.

Personalized Video:  “WOW!”  is all we could say when we realized how to incorporate the technologies together that give every individual in your database a personalized show at the click of a button. Ready to impress your customers and prospects?  We’ve got something new up our sleeves that no one else can deliver like we do!

EXCLUSIVE – Specialized Outdoor:  Want to be all over town?  All over the state? All over the country?  Leaf Media is the only advertising agency licensed in the Carvertise network.  We’ve got a massive fleet of tracked vehicles to wrap with your advertisement.  Each car drives at least 1000 miles a month in the geography you specify.  We can place 10  – 2000 rolling billboards a month.  Click here to see some incredible examples of what we deliver.



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