Who We Are

We are experienced local marketers who over the last two decades have helped hundreds of companies accomplish their goals.  There’s no one silver bullet that gets the job done, but we’ve see firsthand what works and what doesn’t. We design and implement marketing plans that encompass the latest, most successful best practices.   We take the time to customize the work we do for every client.   Our approach delivers strong messages in the right places that move the needle in the right direction.   It takes time and investment and we have experience economizing both for reliable ROI.

Ruth Whitaker Gilbert


Founding Partner & Media Director

Ruth made her mark working with countless advertisers to build campaigns that delivered results in radio and digital.   She’s worked with multiple  business segments including automotive, political, retail, home services, nonprofit organizations and B2B.

Ruth has also experienced what it’s like to sit on the “client side” of the table. This gave her a new perspective and allowed her to see just how much disparity there is among media sales reps and how few actually consult, but only sell space and time instead of synergistic plans and marketing solutions.  It’s where the lightbulb went on that most local businesses need a guide on their side.

Ruth says the secret to advertising success is twofold.  The primary piece is in the message. Every day, she asked herself one burning question for her clients, “is this message being heard in a way that connects consumers to the brand authentically?”  Second, recognizing that the rules for success have been changing, Ruth focuses on the right delivery options and making the right tweaks and adjustments.   Ruth never takes her eye off of those key indicators of success.

Ruth decided it was finally time to say “yes” to all of the businesses who have reached out to her since leaving radio asking if she could help them with their advertising and founded Leaf Media.

Ruth invited only the most successful and creative minds in local media who “get it” to join her in the endeavor to help local businesses flourish.

Michael Reath


Partner & Creative Director

With decades of experience in broadcast and digital advertising, Mike  knows how to integrate the right media mix for clients.   He has a natural flair for predicting what to do next.  He asks all the right questions (sometimes hard questions) to uncover the information needed to  build a solid  framework for campaigns that speak to your customers.   He’s a purposeful risk taker who helps our clients achieve consistent results.  Mike is also President of Off Road Media Group that specializes in leveraging the broad reach of legacy media channels with the targetability of digital platforms.  All of these resources are available to Leaf Media’s clients.

Creative & Digital Team 

We are supported by a great team for video production, graphic art, and radio production specialists and work with the a group of  digital geniuses who make all of the behind the scenes pieces work together to showcase your brand online!

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